What we do and who we are...

We are a team of experienced physicians and computer scientists that we combined our expertise and created a recommendation engine for health products. This engine is backed by an advanced algorithm and years of practical knowledge in the domain of health and medicine applied to real life patients.

All the supplements and vitamins are meticulously examined and handpicked for your individual needs.

Based only on the most recent scientific research on vitamins, herbs, minerals and nutritional supplements we select the best combination of products that is most appropriate for your symptoms and diseases.

Main contributors

  • Stelios Pantazis, MD, FMNM, MAc: I am a medical doctor practicing integrative medicine for more than 10 years. I practice nutritional and metabolic medicine, medical herbalism, acupuncture, homeopathy along with conventional medicine.
  • Chris Pantazis, BSc Eng., MSc, MEd: I am a Software Engineer with high expertise and many years of experience in Java and Python programming, Database Design, Information Systems Architecture, Web Development and Client-Server Applications.